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Living Mindfully in Education Programme (LME)

Living Mindfully In Education (LME) delivers mindfulness courses to youngsters in an enjoyable, practical and inspiring way.

LME is designed to engage and encourage primary, secondary, college and university students, in mainstream or specialist settings. The programmes are aimed at developing an interest and understanding into the workings of both mind and body. Students will explore how they relate to themselves and the world around them, and how they can make choices about how to respond to life. We hope mindfulness will become a natural way of living and will benefit students over the long term by developing greater awareness and attention when viewing themselves and others, their lives and their choices.

Developed from our years of experience LME is offered at foundation level and includes a practical introduction to mindfulness theory as well as a full repertoire of mindfulness meditation practices. Additional short courses can be offered to develop practice and encourage deeper learning and understanding throughout education.

As a recognised training centre, we are inviting schools, colleges, and universities, to consider a long-term training approach for the delivery of mindfulness within their educational setting. The training pathway for selected staff members is initially one academic year, and can be an immensely fulfilling experience for those involved, not only in supporting their own daily lives but also in an ability to support and share these skills with others. It is, therefore, important that people participating are committed to developing a personal mindfulness practice, and are in a position to teach students the LME programme over the long-term. The training begins with the completion of an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programme followed by 6 months personal mindfulness practice before completing the LME teacher training programme.

Our next LME training is

january 2018

29jan9:00 amLME SecondaryMONDAY 29TH – WEDNESDAY 31ST JANUARY 20189:00 am The Living Mindfully Training Room


What the students have to say about us

“It has helped me feel less stressed about school and exams.”
Consett Academy, Y11
“I am now coping with stress and accepting my feelings so I can progress.”
Whitworth Park School, Y11
“It has allowed me not to be overpowered by my thoughts.”
Greenfield Community College, Y11
“It has helped me pay attention to how I am actually feeling and how to focus on what I am doing.”
St Leonard’s Catholic School, Y10
“I can recognise when my thoughts have drifted off and now I know how to bring them back.”
Tanfield School
“Now I can understand it is not the end of the world when I have exams and it has helped me not to stress so much about tests.”
Staindrop School
“I notice when my attention drifts away. I am able to feel less anxious in certain situations.”
King James 1 Academy, A Level Student
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