The story so far

The vision for Living Mindfully in Education to establish mindfulness as an accessible, sustainable, and integral part of education is successfully unfolding.

Since 2014 Living Mindfully has worked to create long term, sustainable mindfulness programmes, within schools, colleges, and universities that benefit staff, students, and the learning environment as a whole.

Within County Durham we have delivered a successful project commissioned by Public Health working with 21 schools, 45 teachers, and 300 students. The project has included teacher training, and classroom-based programmes allowing schools to witness the positive impact mindfulness can have both individually and collectively.

In 2016 Hartlepool Borough Council commissioned LME programmes, the project involves training 24 teachers, and working with 12 primary and secondary schools.

We are pleased to be working closely with schools both independently and within countywide initiatives to bring mindfulness to educational settings throughout the United Kingdom.

If you would like to speak to us about introducing mindfulness in your educational setting please contact Living Mindfully 01207 291212 or email

Schools currently involved
with LME

Bishop Barrington School

Consett Academy

Durham Johnston Comprehensive

Durham Sixth Form Centre

East Durham College

Framwellgate School Durham

Glendene Arts Academy

Greenfield Community College

King James Academy

The Meadows School

North Durham Academy

Park View School

St Leonards Catholic School

Staindrop School

Tanfield School

Teesdale School

Whitworth Park School

Windlestone School

Wolsingham School

Thorp Academy

Marden High School

Grange Primary School

St Hild’s School

Manor Academy

Golden Flatts Primary School

English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College

High Tunstall School

Rift House Primary School

Ward Jackson Primary School

West View Primary School

Lynnfield Primary School

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What the students have to say about us

“It has helped me feel less stressed about school and exams.”
Consett Academy, Y11
“I am now coping with stress and accepting my feelings so I can progress.”
Whitworth Park School, Y11
“It has allowed me not to be overpowered by my thoughts.”
Greenfield Community College, Y11
“It has helped me pay attention to how I am actually feeling and how to focus on what I am doing.”
St Leonard’s Catholic School, Y10
“I can recognise when my thoughts have drifted off and now I know how to bring them back.”
Tanfield School
“Now I can understand it is not the end of the world when I have exams and it has helped me not to stress so much about tests.”
Staindrop School
“I notice when my attention drifts away. I am able to feel less anxious in certain situations.”
King James 1 Academy, A Level Student
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