The Student Experience

The Student Experience

Bringing mindfulness into education provides students with access to practical and relevant life skills, which can be explored and developed in a supportive, guided, and evolving way.

Living Mindfully in Education programmes develop techniques that enable students to become more in control of how they live, their reactions and interactions. Learning to develop skills of awareness and focused attention not only help with studies but in all areas of life both in and out of the classroom. With mindfulness we learn to recognise our habits, the patterns of mind, and the connections between our thoughts, feelings, actions, and body. We also learn what to do with this insight, developing the ability to create space before reacting and make choices about how we may respond to experiences. This helps us to live with more confidence and kindness, and develop a greater understanding of ourselves, of others, and the world around us.

LME programmes encourage reflection and provide the tools that effectively help students consider the options on how to live in helpful ways. Throughout our lives we will continue to feel, think and act, we will need to make decisions and find our way in the world. The LME courses can help us navigate our way, developing approaches that cultivate understanding, patience and kindness, for now and for the future.

The LME programmes are secular, engaging and practical. They include a variety of teaching approaches to best suit the ages and learning styles of the students, including animation, film clips, creative activities, games, guided meditations, and inquiry processes.

The programmes include 6 weekly sessions that can fit into a standard class timetable (minimum of 45 minutes). All teaching materials are provided. There is also an option to develop follow-on programmes or sessions.

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What the students have to say about us

“It has helped me feel less stressed about school and exams.”
Consett Academy, Y11
“I am now coping with stress and accepting my feelings so I can progress.”
Whitworth Park School, Y11
“It has allowed me not to be overpowered by my thoughts.”
Greenfield Community College, Y11
“It has helped me pay attention to how I am actually feeling and how to focus on what I am doing.”
St Leonard’s Catholic School, Y10
“I can recognise when my thoughts have drifted off and now I know how to bring them back.”
Tanfield School
“Now I can understand it is not the end of the world when I have exams and it has helped me not to stress so much about tests.”
Staindrop School
“I notice when my attention drifts away. I am able to feel less anxious in certain situations.”
King James 1 Academy, A Level Student
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